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XFBot Foundation

The XFBot Foundation is a DAO founded by developers that is working to capture latent market demand using validated business models. Our mission is to promote innovation, security, decentralization, and a lot of passive income.
Embrace the Future with XFBOT Foundation Unleashing a New Level of Web3 Services with Enhanced Revenue Sharing.

REVENUE for Each Product

Token Launcher: 50% of all fees charged for contract creation are directed towards the revenue-sharing pool.
Alpha DAO Calls: For each call contracted in the Alpha DAO Calls group, 30% is allocated for the repurchase of $XFBOT with the aim of redistributing profits and increasing liquidity.
Venture DAO: Members have access to the destination of the DAO Treasury in future investments and share 50% of all profits from the treasury.
BuyTrend: BuyTrend pays 5% of all profits generated from trend and advertising service contracts in the ETH Trend, BSC Trend, and Base Trend groups.

Partners & Investors